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                ABOUT US

                Tongxiang Success Home Textile Co., Ltd. specializes in OEM manufacturing of bedding.

                Annual sales over 100 million. Produce more than 1 million quilts and 300000 pillows per year.

                Main products include silk quilt, chemical fiber quilt, wool quilt, mattress, pillow, cushion, bedspread, pillowcase, etc. 

                Sold to  Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the Middle East, more than 20 countries and areas.

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                market sales

                market sales
                US 26.8
                AU 32.5
                JP 30.7
                OTHER 10

                CONTACT US

                • Add:Tongxiang Chongfu Industrail Area China


                • Tel:(86)0573-88222888 88222890 88222903


                • Email: james@cn-success.com.cn

                Pls. send your message to us!

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